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The founder began working in detailing departments of car dealerships in 2012 but began providing specialty services and training for luxury vehicles in 2016. When he began attending training's for high-end car detailing in 2017 he began visioning leaving corporate America and pursuing detailing fulltime. With all these thoughts and experiences combined, he noticed that there was a fine gap between what clients wanted and the services they were receiving. After deciding to leave his career in corporate America, he followed the advice of a past detailing mentor and decided it was time to raise the bar of FINESSE detailing and go out on his own while founding the company on July 4th, 2018.


Jonathan is IDA Certified - Skills Validated, and C.A.R.ETech Certified while possessing

7 years of quality experience. We proudly support the NC based businesses such as Majestic Solutions and Carolina Detail Supply. They provide top car care products, accessories, and training. Detailing products such as Ceramic Shield, Meguiar's, Renny Doyle Double Black Collection are some of the premier products we offer and we have in our regimen just to name a few. We also offer training and consulting services. We are grateful for every client that allows us to bless and finesse their vehicle. If you’re a car enthusiast, collector, or just anyone looking for high caliber professional detailing paired with excellent customer service, Interior Exterior Finesse welcomes you!a

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Why Interior E?

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