Package Detailing

Expert Level Interior and Exterior Detailing

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Up to 1.5 to 2 Hours

This service is meant for regular customers or those who want something better than what they provide at any quick or ride through car wash. This is a THOROUGH 1 hour or more service, not 20 minutes at your local Auto Bell. If Addons are needed or desired then please view them in A La Carte Services & Addons If the Express Full Detail doesn’t quite meet your budgeting needs.

FREE Floor Matt Shampooing, Wash & Dry, Bug &Tar Removal, Thoroughly Clean Tires & Wheels, Wipe/Dust Dash & Front Cup Holders, Quick Wipe Down, Apply UV protection to Dash only, Wipe Door & Trunk Jambs, Clean Windows, Apply Long Lasting Tire Shine, Quick Vacuum, Quick Trunk Vacuum, Spray Sealant/Wax

Monthly Maintenance Program $25 off No Monthly maintenance discounts are being offered due to high demand

Cars: 1-1.5 hrs l $95.00

  • Trucks and Small SUV's
  • 1-1.5 hrs l $105.00
  • 3 row SUV's, Utility Truck, & Passenger Van's:
  • 1-2 hrs l $115.00




Up to 2 to 3 Hours

This Service Does Not Include Stain Removal

Express Detail + Extensive Bug & Tar Removal, Full APC Wipedown of all Vinyls and Leathers, Drill Brush to Remove Embedded Debris, High Pressure Air Blow Out, Clean all Cup Holders, Light Carpet Shampoo & Steam/Sanitize all Surfaces

  • Cars:
  • Up to 2 hrs
  • Starting @ $175.00
  • Trucks and Small SUV's:
  • Up to 2.25 hrs
  • Starting @ $195.00 each
  • 3 row SUV's, Utility Truck, & Passenger Van's:
  • Up to 2.5 hrs
  • Starting @ $220.00 each


Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 6.24.00 PM.png


4 to 5 Hours​

This Service Does include Light to Minor Stain Removal

Is this your First Full Detail! This service puts in more time and truly finesses your ride. This is exactly what you get after buying a used car from any Hendrick, Flow, Scott Clark, Carmax, or Carvana dealership at the same price but with better quality and results! A minimum of a $75.00 upcharge will be added for Heavily Dirty Interiors. After the alloted time we will discuss charging $75.00 per hour due to the neglect of the vehicle.

Mini Detail + Carpet & Seat Full Shampoo,& Light to Minor Stain Removal, Fully Degrease Door Jambs, Spot Clean Headliner, Engine Detail

$50.00 Service Consultation OR..

    • Cars:
    • Up to 4 hrs
    • Starting @ $295.00​
  • Trucks and Small SUV:
  • Up to 4.5 hrs
  • Starting @ $320.00
  • 3 row SUV's, Utility Truck, & Passenger Van's:
  • Up to 5hrs
  • Starting @ $350.00​


Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 6.24.10 PM.png


6 to 8 Hours​​

Do you you want that showroom ready detail (The works)? Want to add depth and gloss to your paint, remove some imperfections, trim restored, chrome polished, etc. Want that Leather and Fabric Protectant that will make it look and like it came of the showroom floor. Welp, this is the service for you!

Standard Premium Full Detail + Heavy Stain Removal with Steam Cleaning & Hot Water Extraction. Exterior Trim Restoration & Protectant, Leather Protectant or Fabric guard protecting against spills, Paint Decontamination, Single Pass Buff and Seal Paint

  • $50.00 Service Consultation OR..
  • Cars:
  • 6 - 6.5 hrs l $400.00
  • Trucks and Small SUV:
  • 6.5 - 7 hrs l $430.00
  • 3 row SUV's, Utility Truck, & Passenger Van's:
  • 7 - 7.5 hrs l $480.00


Processes take approximately 1.5 to 6 hours or more per vehicle


***Prices may vary due to size and condition of the vehicle. Heavy Dirt Build Up, Pet hair, sand, vomit, blood, dairy, odor removal not included. These Fees will be assessed upon arrival, consulted before performing service, and prices are time based. Any extra time needed will be charged at $60 per hour!***

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