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There are 2 different levels of Ceramic Coating Services

A. Basic: Ceramic Coating Only (comes with a Single Pass Buff and Polish if needed). Also known as a Wash, Prep, & Coat
B. Pro: 1 Step Paint Enhancement & Ceramic Coating

A "BASIC" Service is an Economical Coating for those who feel they do no need/want any gloss enhancement services. These coatings only replace the typical 3 week to 3 month Wax job or bi-annual Paint Sealent that is done to protect and add paint gloss to your vehicles finish.


A "PRO" level requires either a 1 Step Paint Enhancement, 2 Step Paint Correction, or Multi level Paint Correction. A Basic Coating can be done within a few ours or 1 day depending on the level of coating you desire. However, a Pro level Commonly known as car polishing, machine polishing, or even swirl mark removal, paint correction is when imperfections are removed within your vehicle’s surface, such as swirl marks, water spots, etching, marring, and light oxidation.

Basic Level

Pro Level


Wheel Removal & ceramic coating of both wheels and faces

$200.00 or $50.00 per wheel


Interior protection options

$100.00 to $200.00


2 Year Glass Coating


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